19 April 2014

THRALL Chemical Wedding 1996

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Thrall is both a direct continuation of the God Bullies (former home to front man Mike Hard) and of Detroit all-female alternative rock act Inside Out (supplying bassist Karen Neal). However, for me, this seems the crystallization of the God Bullies' vision presented in Mamawombwomb. Never quite fulfilled from God Bullies later releases, this apocalyptic vision captured in the raw by production on eight track technology returns in spirit with modern studio techniques. The substance here is Freudian nightmares and chaotic nightmares of Mike Hard. Aided also by guitarist Paul Thor (worked with Hard in Hand Over Head), drummer Terry Bradley and lead guitarist Kevin Hagen (Enemy Squad), Mike has the army to prosecute his war on your safety zone.


1 Sometimes I Get This Urge 3:30
2 The Blood Is The Life 3:33
3 Have You Ever Been Conned? 2:29
4 Psychic Attack 4:11
5 I'll Do What You Say 2:40
6 Do It Now 1:39
7 It's Okay 3:39
8 Gas Station Speed 4:00
9 I Will Always Love You 4:36
10 Mommy And Daddy Were Alien Gods 2:45
11 Goliath 2:55
12 No Mark! No Milk! 1:39
13 I Am Not Afraid 5:48



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