19 May 2014



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Seattle hardcore metal-heads Coffin Break made their mark on America in the late '80s and early '90s. They shied away from the grunge trend of the Northwest, instead drawing their inspiration from punk. C/Z Records proved to be their biggest supporters, issuing three of their albums and reissuing their first two albums as a single disc. The band issued their first two albums, Psychosis and Rupture, in 1989, featuring David Brooks on drums, Peter Litwin on guitar and vocals, and Rob Skinner on bass and vocals. The albums did well enough to earn the band a major-label contract, leading to two releases on Epitaph, Crawl in 1991 and Thirteen in 1992. Simultaneously, C/Z Records released a singles and outtakes collection, No Sleep 'Til the Stardust Motel, but after this spate of releases the band produced no more new material. 


Wiser 1:58
Crawl 4:28
For Beth 1:40
American Dream 3:19
Unsanity 2:45
Registered 1:46
Mind Waltz 2:30
Stop 1:55
Pray 3:12
Why Should I? 1:34
On My Own 2:26
Not Now 2:36
Rewind 7:11
Cry 2:02
Lies 3:33

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