16 May 2014

DIESEL QUEENS Hooked on Moronics 1995

by request
1989-1996 The most offensive joke band in San Jose band history. The Diesel Queens were kicked out of every club for crossing every line of decency and morality. Bodily fluids, topless dancers, penetration, songs about man-boy love; the Diesel Queens took performance art to its highest and hairiest. Their songs were straight-ahead Stooges punk rock rage crossed with hopped-up pop.  


O.S.H. 3:36
I Like Cheese 1:35
Waterhead Boy 2:14
The Wanderer 2:18
Puppy Song 0:24
Happy Peppy 0:53
Man-Boy Love 2:52
Manson Family Feud 2:24
Pantysniffer 2:23
Happy Peppy 0:54
Fallen Clown 2:51
Punks Went Dirthead 2:44
Assman 1:11
Chicken Boy's Conundrum 0:18
Parlez Vous "Pou-Pou?" 1:17
Fuck 'N Drink 2:39
Codpiece Nation 3:00
Liposuction 2:15
(no audio) 0:18
Velvy's First Date 2:21

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