27 May 2014

EVIL SUPERSTARS Love is Okay 1996

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Artist Biography

Belgium’s Evil Superstars, who comprise Mauro Pawlowski (vocals, guitar), Dave Schroyen (drums), Marc Requile (keyboards), Bert Vandebroek (bass) and Tim Vanhamel (guitar), became one of a number of mainland European groups alongside Whale, Bettie Serveert and the Cardigans to procure UK and US audiences in the mid-90s. They recorded their debut EP, Hairfacts, in 1995, before touring with Placebo and achieving notoriety for their ‘Satan Is In My Ass’ single. Encompassing several traditions of music such as jazz, reggae and hard rock, the impression of eclecticism was confirmed by the 1996 release of Love Is Okay, which shaped these diverse influences into pop songs of genuine merit and accessibility. Boogie-Children-R-Us repeated the formula to lesser effect. 


No More Bad People 3:03
Power Of Haha 2:45
Go Home For Lunch 4:05
Parasol 2:22
Your Dump Or Mine 3:46
Rocking All Over 2:41
Pantomiming With Her Parents 3:31
Oh Funlump 2:07
We Need Your Head 3:11
1,000,000 Demons Can't Be Wrong 3:00
Miss Your Disease 1:50
Satan Is In My Ass 3:33
Death By Summer 2:47

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