24 May 2014


Combine a little bit Mount Shasta, some Cows (it's the trumpets!), and Japanese crazies Ruins, and you've got Space Streakings.

Artist Biography

The obstreperous, utterly contemporary sound of Japan’s Space Streakings is composed by Captain Insect (bass, programming), Karne Bazooka (vocals, alto saxophone), Karate Condor (turntables) and Screaming Stomach (guitar, trumpet). As those pseudonyms may suggest, the group take a cavalier attitude to their craft, producing a series of unclassifiable songs which have confused critics in and outside of Japan’s borders - the band themselves have dubbed it ‘Cyber-punk-techno-core’. A typical example was their 7-inch single ‘Sexual Aesthetic Salon After School’, packaged with an accompanying comic book. 7-Toku was released by Skin Graft Records in 1994 and featured Steve Albini as producer. He was sufficiently impressed by the band’s raucous post-rock sound to travel to Japan in order to take part in the recording. Utilising a mix of live instruments and harsh, repetitive programming, 7-Toku became that rare artefact to be exported from Japan - a vivid new listening experience rather than a formulaic copy of a western style.


1 Yume No Shima 2:02
2 Kaiki Suspense Kumo Otoko 4:03
3 Brain Dead 3:11
4 Magic Dragon 4:53
5 Sanzu No Kawa 4:43
6 Hiropon Goo!! 1:32
7 Ai To Nikushimi No Kisetsu 3:56
8 Sports Chiyotto Dakeyo 3:29
9 Megaton Baby Bomb 5:25
10 Hottkyokuken No Aoisora 2:06
11 Nohten Chiyyoka Hyper Love 3:31



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IHateThe90s said...

Awesome! Love space streakings thx