17 May 2014

RADIAL SPANGLE Syrup Macrame 1994

by request

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Radial Spangle is an eclectic trio from Oklahoma City. The group's first album, 1993's Ice Cream Headache, has a cavernous, echoing sound filled with plinking guitars and feedback over which the vocals of Alan Laird and April Tippens hover. 1994's Syrup Macrame shows a vast improvement, mixing loud, abrasive "city songs" with loopy, gentle "country songs." Similar to Sonic Youth and Mercury Rev, Radial Spangle lacks the pretension of those groups, instead writing songs about sunflowers and birthdays. It's a welcome change.


1 Marble 5:07
2 Special Love 3:23
3 Caf, 'fine 4:15
4 Busy Hole 2:58
5 Cross Your Legs 4:18
6 Knees 4:41
7 New Dress 4:08
8 Dragonfly 4:34
9 Patio Furniture 3:53
10 Sunflower Graveyard 3:17


IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...

hi, could you kindly reupload "Ice Cream Headache". Or what about "Unavailable" by The Charm Pops ?
thx. and cheers!