24 October 2016

CALABASH CASE Parading Constantly 1998

Although I don't really like using the word "emo" when describing music, San Diego's Calabash Case fits the bill. However, it's not overbearing, there are some great guitar/bass hooks, and the vocals are tight and remind me of earlier Fugazi. Quiet at times, and at others, loud, and all around a good release. If you're into the 90's emo/hardcore/screamo genres, I'd highly recommend this.



1 Grey & Green
2 Jim's Music Potion
3 All The Guys In Lino
4 You Spell It Anna
5 Bluegrass
6 Flavorful
7 Phamlet
8 Bury Jerry
9 You Carry M.J.
10 With A Little Help From Friends

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