30 October 2016

MORNING GLORIES Let The Body Hang 1997


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The Morning Glories were formed in New York by vocalist and guitarist Christian Gibbs, bassist Nicholas Palumbo and drummer Kenny Savelson. Playing a grungy take on the blues, the band released a self-titled four-song EP in 1993 and a full-length album (also self-titled) on Headhunter/Cargo in 1994. The second album, Fully Loaded, appeared in 1995; Let the Body Hang followed two years later. 


1 Tattoo Ruins
2 Memphis
3 Little Blue Man
4 Methods
5 Slow Retreat
6 B.B. Gun
7 One Out Of Three
8 Peeling Off The Blood That Sticks
9 Hickory
10 Mascara
11 Expired

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