09 October 2016


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The Potatomen's sonic stance -- somewhere between the pop-punk Lookout is known for (like the Mr. T Experience and indie pop (like a male version of Heavenly) -- is almost always interesting, and it doesn't require a whole lot of brilliance in terms of songwriting or production to remain appealing. Now churns out a tight series of songs in this vein -- the album doesn't have the Smiths' covering, melancholy charm of later releases, but even its more run-of-the-mill punk constructions (think of the Queers) are well served by the band's clean, jangling, indie tendencies and its healthy '50s and '60s pop influences. 


1 Won't You Be 1:31
2 That Girl 2:10
3 Gabe Wonders Why 2:05
4 Davey 1:48
5 Punk Rock Boy 2:49
6 BART Song 1:45
7 Sam's Song 3:54
8 Jimmy Was A Cowboy 3:14
9 Aaron Went Shopping 1:59
10 On The Avenue 4:24
11 The Train Song 2:06
12 Now 4:37


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