19 October 2016

NAILBOMB Point Blank 1994

thanks to Iain


Artist Biography by

Nailbomb was a brief project between ex-Sepultura singer/guitarist Max Cavalera and ex-Fudge Tunnel singer/guitarist Alex Newport. Although both of the bandmembers' full-time bands specialized in extreme metal sounds, Nailbomb somehow found a way to create even more dense and harsh metallic sounds (it also proves to be more repetitive, with the odd sample and drum machine detected here and there). In addition to the duo, most of Cavalera's then-bandmates from Sepultura (guitarist Andreas Kisser and drummer Igor Cavalera) and Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares made special guest appearances on Nailbomb's debut recording for Roadrunner Records, 1994's Point Blank, while the group's final release, 1995's Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide, featured appearances from former Dead Kennedys drummer D.H. Peligro, Biohazard bassist Evan Seinfeld, and Front Line Assembly/Fear Factory keyboardist Rhys Fulber. Since their sophomore release, little has been heard from Nailbomb, as Cavalera returned back to Sepultura (later leaving the group to form Soulfly) and Newport began producing other hard rock artists (including At the Drive-In, Samiam, and Will Haven, among others). 


1 Wasting Away 3:06
2 Vai Toma No Cú 4:47
3 24 Hour Bullshit 3:54
4 Guerrillas 4:26
5 Blind And Lost 1:55
6 Sum Of Your Achievements 2:43
7 Cockroaches 5:10
8 For Fuck's Sake 5:44
9 World Of Shit 4:14
10 Exploitation 2:28
11 Religious Cancer 5:09
12 Shit Piñata 1:10
13 Sick Life 17:51

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