24 October 2016

FUEL Monuments To Excess 1995

Apparently and surprisingly, I have never posted this fantastic compilation of music from Fuel, whose first release hit the scene back in 1989 on cassette, and simply titled "Fuel!." In 1990, Fuel released a split 7 inch (luckily I still have my copy) with Phleg Camp and in '91 recorded a split 7 inch with Angry Son. Below is a nice review of this comp.


AllMusic Review by  

Ten years ago when emo was young, this late San Francisco four were the West Coast's answer to the peaking D.C. Dischord roster of Fugazi and other such bands. This second reissue of their lone 1990 self-titled LP, originally on the Rough Trade subsidiary Sixth International (with seven bonus tracks from four 7" releases), is a good example of where it all began. Jim Allison and Mike Kirsch's vocals are brutally shouted, tunefully, with great angst and an antagonistic sense of wrong. The band is as resolute, fast, and edgy as its lyrics (clue: a picture of Woody Guthrie with his "This machine kills fascists" guitar graces the inner sleeve), and is at its best when its Adolescents-derived So-Cal soaring leads step up. It all has that stamp of authenticity to it, of people inspired by a new movement to say and play something bestial and important. It has the urgency that a substantial chunk of underground post-punk/post-hardcore music had during the second half of the '80s. Now it doesn't seem so unique, but that's what happens when you and others make a mold that is later overcopied. This original version of emo was a lot more hardcore, a lot more out there and intense than the sometimes more polite version of today's more easily replicated kind. This required a total physical and emotional charge. (P.O. Box 460402; San Francisco, CA 94146-0402) 


1 Disengaged
2 2:52 (Instrumental)
3 Some Gods
4 Remains To Be Seen
5 Cue To You
6 The Name Is...
7 Why Can't You See
8 Actualized
9 Habit
10 Not Up For Sale
11 Take Effect
12 Untitled (Instrumental)
13 Incomplete
14 Fuel Hymn (Activate)
15 Turn On
16 Why Can't You (Shield Your Eyes)
17 The Name Is...
18 For Lack Of Better Words (Shine)

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