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In a music culture dominated by bands, Ben Lee turned heads by being one of the youngest singer/songwriters to make an impression on the Australian music scene. Even before the launch of his solo career, Lee attracted attention in his teens as a member of the Sydney band Noise Addict. Following the band's demise in the mid-'90s, he began issuing a string of acclaimed solo albums while taking part in several side projects, including the Bens.
In 1993, on the strength of a homemade four-track demo recorded in Lee's bedroom, Noise Addict managed to convince Fallaheen Records' executive Steve Pavlovic (who, as a promoter, brought Nirvana to Australia) to watch their debut performance at a library book sale. A record deal followed, and Pavlovic's connections immediately won the band several high-profile supporting tours, as well as a number of famous fans. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore became an early champion for Noise Addict and released the group's demo tape (now packaged as an EP and titled DEF) on his own Ecstatic Peace label. The members of Noise Addict were 14 years old at the time.

Grandpaw Would
The band's first single, "I Wish I Was Him," was a satirical tribute to the Lemonheads' Evan Dando that inspired Dando to record his own cover version. The Beastie Boys' Mike Diamond also became a fan, and Noise Addict began issuing material on the Beastie Boys' label Grand Royal. The Young and Jaded EP, comprising six acoustic songs again recorded in Lee's bedroom, was released via that label partnership, yet touring was limited because of the group's commitment to school. Even so, Lee continued pursuing music by recording his first solo album, Grandpaw Would, in both Sydney and Chicago. By then 16 years old, he toured in support of the album with an American backing band. A full-length album by Noise Addict followed, and the bandmates (by then high school graduates) packed their bags for an American tour. Unfortunately, the group broke up soon after, and the 18-year-old Lee went back to his acoustic guitar for another solo album, Something to Remember Me By.

Grandpa Would


1 Pop Queen 3:28
2 How Can That Be? 1:58
3 Sprawl 1:28
4 I'm With The Star 3:44
5 Don't Leave 1:58
6 Away With The Pixies 3:02
7 Bolt 1:03
8 Side View 2:39
9 Pathetic 1:08
10 Song 4 You 2:37
11 Trying To Sneeze 2:26
12 The Loft 2:27
13 Frigid 2:29
14 Stumbling Block 2:56
15 Ductile 1:25
16 Love Song 0:52
17 Green Hearts 2:41
18 My Guitar 3:27

Something to Remember Me By

1 How To Survive A Broken Heart
2 Deep Talk In The Shallow End
3 New Song
4 Eight Years Old
5 Career Choice
6 Ketchum
7 Daisy
8 My Drifting Nature
9 2 Sisters
10 A Month Today
11 Household Name
12 Grammercy Park Hotel
13 End Of The World
14 Long Train Ride

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