06 January 2017

MELONY Quicksilver 1999

by request

Artist Biography

Unrelated to the folk singer-songwriter of the early 70s who travelled under the same name, the 90s Melony were a trio from Stockholm, Sweden, who specialized in angular but commercial pop rock. The band comprised comic book translator Peter Kvint (guitar/vocals), Mana Eriksson (drums) and Gunnar Norden (bass), who originally formed to play at a friend’s wedding. Following a domestic-only EP for Sweden’s Soap label, they were signed by Minty Fresh Records’ president Jim Powers for American and mainstream European releases in 1997. A debut album, Satisfaction, followed in August 1997, the songs dominated by pleasing hooks and melodies and Kvint’s individualistic take on American pop culture - the best examples being ‘Big Dipper’ and ‘Barbra Streisand Nose’. 


1 Slipping Away
2 Fool
3 Smash A Car
4 Juliet
5 Shady Heart
6 Not A Love Song
7 Swedish Edison
8 Sad Song
9 Quicksilver
10 Spooky
11 I Hang On
12 Nobody's Coming Home
13 Flyfishing
14 Kicking Around

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