04 January 2017

KNIEVEL We Fear Change 1995

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Knievel debuted in 1995 with their album We Fear Change. The disc is very much a product of its time: grungy guitars and sweet pop melodies root this album firmly in the mid-'90s, but this is not necessarily a mark against We Fear Change. Knievel have a knack for writing strong, catchy pop hooks, and We Fear Change is full of genuinely memorable pop tunes, including the outstanding "Might As Well Be Gone."
Knievel might write good guitar pop, but they don't write guitar pop that's terribly different to that by any number of other bands. We Fear Change is a good example of this genre, but it's not good enough to make it essential. 


1 Might As Well Be Gone
2 Let It Go
3 Black Inside
4 Losing Sight
5 Catch My Drift. Pt I & Ii
6 Someone Had To Tell You
7 Driveaway
8 The Star And The Wagon Train
9 Silver Surfboard
10 I Don't Think I Imagined It
11 Small Change

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