16 January 2017

BRAINBOMBS Singles Compilation 1999


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The Brainbombs are Swedish, but anyone expecting cute, natty garage rockers like the Hives or psychedelic vikings like the Soundtrack of Our Lives should immediately recalibrate their heads. Imagine early Throbbing Gristle's sociopathic obsessions with rape and murder (minus the performance-art pretensions) mixed with the willful amateurism of Half Japanese, and that's still only the half of it. The creepy thing about the Brainbombs is that unlike, say, G.G. Allin, who was clearly simply unhinged, this lot explores its seedy obsessions with a detached, almost offhand quality that makes the snuff-film fantasies of songs like "No End" that much ickier. Musically, these 12 songs are an intriguing blend of proto-punk stomp and arty explorations (think of pre-Pere Ubu art-punk weirdos like the Electric Eels), but the lyrics will be a dealbreaker for many.


1 Jack The Ripper Lover 5:27
2 No End 3:44
3 Anne Frank 4:40
4 No Guilt 3:39
5 No Place 3:26
6 No Guilt 1:43
7 Wishing A Slow Death 3:05
8 Stacy 2:26
9 It's A Burning Hell 2:17
10 Second Coming 3:30
11 Psychout Crash Kid 4:30
12 I Detta Satans Rum 4:15


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