06 January 2017

HAZE AND SHUFFLE Get Your Haze 1993

by request
for the grunge fans

Artist Biography by

Martin Peron (guitar), Fred Neron (guitar), Sebastien Laffite (bass), Stephan Dumont (drums), and Daniel Jacques (vocals) formed Haze And Shuffle while teenagers. With a passionate hard-rock style, the band's live shows created a buzz which caught Arista's eye. Haze & Shuffle's debut album, Get Your Haze, appeared soon after the band were signed. 


1 That's The Way It Is
2 Watch 'Ya Do With Me
3 My Special One
4 Pushing Up The Daisies
5 She Got Me
6 Things They Lose
7 Miss Mary
8 Take Me Over
9 Free
10 Haunted Child

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