19 January 2017


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Releasing new combinations within the foremost brutal and mischievous punk and hardcore styles, Sweetbelly Freakdown sprouted from the ashes of Washington unit Swiz in 1996, constituted by the same lineup of their forerunner band. Shawn Brown (vocals), Alex Daniels (drums), Jason Farrell (guitar), and Dave Stern (bass) continued to bring to life original tunes of boundless aggressive hardcore. All of Freakdown's members were involved with other hardcore-style crews like Severin or Fury, but the energy granted toward the newborn band remained untouched. Deciding to record a disc just after forming their new outfit, Sweetbelly released their first single "The Long Haul." In the following year, the punk crew felt it was time to discharge their debut album, and the self-titled full-length Sweetbelly Freakdown hit record stores through the Jade Tree logo in 1997. Since then, the Washington group has been doing regular appearances at live shows across the U.S.


1 Pleas To The Action Figure
2 M.C.R.
3 Sugar High
4 Mudmouth
5 Target A.D.
6 The Long Haul
7 Daydreamin'
8 Victim's Complex
9 Pit Dog

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