08 July 2017

GAUNT Yeah, Me Too 1995

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Over the course of their seven-year recording career, Columbus, OH's Gaunt gained a sizeable following in their hometown, as well as across the globe. Fronted by the wisecracking vocalist/guitarist Jerry Wick, the quartet recorded albums for highly esteemed record labels like Thrill Jockey and Amphetamine Reptile before signing to Warner Brothers and eventually splitting up. In 1967, Jerry Wick was born in Parma, OH, to the proud parents of Sharon and Jerry Wick. Years later, during the early '90s, Wick set off to study violin at Kent State University. Upon his arrival, Wick had a general distaste in his mouth about the whole experience. Two weeks after starting classes at Kent State, Wick was in Columbus putting a rock band together. He landed a job at Used Kids Records and performed with the psychedelic band Black Ju Ju, but Wick was itching to be a successful musician and recruited guitarist Jovan Karcic, bassist Eric Barth, and drummer Jeff Regensburger. The foursome became Gaunt in 1991 and immediately recorded a split 7" record with friends the New Bomb Turks.


1 Yeah Me Too 0:54
2 Now 2:23
3 Justine 2:29
4 Insangel 2:10
5 Hit The Ground 2:41
6 Richard Generation 2:03
7 Just Leave 2:04
8 Breakin Down 1:50
9 Frank Stein 1:37
10 Give Up 3:08

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