22 July 2017

TORTOISE Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters 1995


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Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Tortoise revolutionized American indie rock in the mid-'90s by playing down tried-and-true punk and rock and roll influences, emphasizing instead the incorporation of a variety of left-field music genres from the previous 20 years, including Krautrock, dub, avant-garde jazz, classical minimalism, ambient and space music, film music, and British electronica. At odds as well with the shambling framework of alternative rock's normal song structure, the group -- as large as a septet, with at times two vibes players -- relied on a crisp instrumental aesthetic, tied to cool jazz, which practically stood alone in American indie rock by actually focusing on instrumental prowess and group interaction.


1a Alcohall
1b Your New Rod
1c Cobwebbed
1d The Match Incident
1e Tin Can (Puerto Rican Mix)
1f Not Quite East Of The Ryan
1g Initial Gesture Protraction

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