23 July 2017



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This is excellent catchy power pop.

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The exceptional power pop trio Spinning Jennies demonstrate their craft confidently on this 1996 sophomore release. Tighter than their Cool Buzz Records debut the previous year, Pop 'N Serve's apt title suggests the crunchy guitars and sweet melodies contained within. Singer/guitarist Jeff Shelton powers the disc's ten tracks with sugary riffs and squeaky-clean vocals that create a sound that is more polished than the band's debut. There is much more than a casual resemblance to early R.E.M. on numerous tracks like "Come Alive" -- with it's whole note chorus melodies and frenetic drums. Shelton's writing is generally more upbeat than Georgia's college rock superheroes but the open-chord guitar voicings and ghostly melodies have an haunting quality most listeners will recognize. These similarities aren't too suspicious as ripping off early R.E.M. was hardly what one would call fashionable in 1996. The influence is an honest (perhaps subconscious) one, rather than a calculated effort to take advantage of market trends and can therefore be excused or perhaps even admired for its tunefulness. While Pop 'N Serve packs a walloping power pop punch, the band's subtle facelessness holds the record back, preventing Spinning Jennies early graduation beyond the indie pop minor leagues. 

Pop n' Serve


1 Creature 3:42
2 Snocone 3:11
3 Come Alive 4:18
4 This Idea 3:32
5 All Good Things 3:02
6 Generation 4:42
7 Power Trip 3:08
8 On And On 3:42
9 Paperback Writer 2:28
10 Beautiful Life 4:58



1 Melody Comes 3:45
2 All I Know 4:11
3 Meet You Halfway 2:48
4 Missed The Point 3:11
5 Perfect Girl 3:44
6 Waking Up 4:19
7 The Life 3:26
8 Going Gone 3:52
9 Girl Of The 90's Builds A Bridge To The 21st Century 3:34
10 Everything Under The Sun 4:08

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