29 July 2017


Inarticulate Nature Boy

Beautiful Nowhere

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Josh Clayton-Felt embarked on a solo career after the breakup of his former band, School of Fish, learning to play keyboards, bass, and drums in addition to guitar. He recorded over 25 songs in the following years, playing all the instruments, and his solo debut, Inarticulate Nature Boy, was released by A&M in 1996. He toured colleges with Tori Amos in support of the album and achieved a place among college radio. While a lo-fi record in every respect, the record reflected Clayton-Felt's love for '70s AM radio fare and traditional pop songs. Crafting a second record, Center of Six, followed shortly thereafter. A&M dropped him prior to issuing the album, however Clayton-Felt was determined to release the album. He and sessions drummer Steve Scully worked together during the late 90s, but Clayton-Felt fell ill with testicular cancer in December 1999. After less than a month in the hospital, the singer died January 19, 2000 at the age of 32. Two years later, Dreamworks collected material from those unforgotten Center of Six sessions and issued Spirit Touches Ground.

Inarticulate Nature Boy
1 Window 5:10
2 Soon Enough 5:40
3 Paint The Tree Green 4:42
4 What Do I Know 4:18
5 Dead American 4:25
6 Matchbox Head 4:55
7 Bigger Than Me 5:02
8 Inarticulate Nature Boy 3:49
9 Waiting 3:08
10 Doubt 3:38
11 Helpless 3:57
12 Trumpet 4:56

Beautiful Nowhere


1 Josh Clayton* Painted Birds 5:00
2 Josh Clayton* Right On Time 4:51
3 Josh Clayton* Writing On A Candle 4:58
4 Josh Clayton* Disappearing In New York 4:16
5 Josh Clayton* Down The Same Steps 4:28
6 Josh Clayton* Over My Shoulder 3:59
7 Josh Clayton* Beautiful Nowhere 4:35
8 Josh Clayton* Only Weakness 3:42
9 Josh Clayton* Invisible World 5:22
10 Josh Clayton* Superficial Brother 5:24
11 Josh Clayton* Behind The Wall 3:31
12 Josh Clayton* Pigeon 4:07
13 Josh Clayton* Walk On The Water 4:23

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