22 July 2017

THE FOR CARNATION Promised Works 1997


The For Carnation are a post-rock band led by Brian McMahan, the group's only constant member. The roots of the band began when McMahan reunited with his ex-Slint bandmates David Pajo and Britt Walford in an attempt to resurrect their old group. The reunion didn't work out, but McMahan and Pajo eventually recruited some other musicians and The For Carnation was born. The band released an EP, 1995's "Fight Songs", and an LP, 1996" Marshamallows", on Matador Records. Both records were combined into one release, "Promised Works", in 1997 by Italy's Runt imprint. McMahan and company then jumped to Touch And Go for their second LP, a self-titled affair released in 2000.


1 Grace Beneath The Pines 7:44
2 How I Beat The Devil 1:36
3 Get And Stay Get March 5:58
4 On The Swing 2:06
5 I Wear The Gold 5:28
6 Lmyr, Marshmallow 2:09
7 Winter Lair 5:39
8 Salo 6:45
9 Preparing To Receive You 8:51

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