21 July 2017

MARK EITZEL 60 Watt Silver Lining 1996


Artist Biography by

One of the most celebrated and idiosyncratic American songwriters of his generation, Mark Eitzel is best known as the leader of the iconic indie rock band American Music Club, who spun beautifully chaotic webs of guitar from Eitzel's gloomy but compassionate studies of lost souls and alcohol; since striking out on his own, Eitzel has embraced a number of different musical approaches, while his witty but downcast lyrical style has remained constant. 


1 No Easy Way Down 3:38
2 Sacred Heart 3:57
3 Always Turn Away 4:26
4 Saved 5:00
5 Cleopatra Jones 4:12
6 When My Plane Finally Goes Down 4:15
7 Mission Rock Resort 4:34
8 Wild Sea 4:37
9 Aspirin 4:44
10 Some Bartenders Have The Gift Of Pardon 5:18
11 Southend On Sea 4:09
12 Everything Is Beautiful 5:13

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