15 October 2017

GAPESEED Project 64 1996


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Formed in the mid-'90s, New York's Gapeseed was guitarist Ed Feldman, drummer Peter Gordon, and bassist Mike Knowlton. With Feldman and Knowlton also on vocals, the trio's dissonant and noisy sound experiments were featured on two discs on California's Silver Girl Records, while garnering attention on the college radio charts. The band first released the Flanzer EP in 1993, and 1994 saw the band's full-length debut, Lo Cell, on Silver Girl. The band's reputation soon led to new opportunities, as producer Bob Weston was tapped to record the follow-up, 1996's Project 64. Poem Rocket's Sandra Gardner also sang guest vocals on the disc, as the band continued to intrigue and amaze its mostly underground, indie rock audience. That disc featured 11 uniquely structured tracks, featuring frantic overtones and wild sonic experiments. Soon after the disc's release, the group disbanded.


1 His Is The Acetate Scepter 3:46
2 Ride Inside My Ghost 4:25
3 Distance 3:32
4 Dusty Trophy 5:05
5 Ceci N'es Spasm Pipe 3:03
6 Real Time Morning 6:10
7 Spurned Spore Landfill 4:45
8 Yellow Venom 2:57
9 Hand Winding Wollensack Machine 0:26
10 Deficit Heir 5:22
11 Electroshock Oracle 4:59

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