26 October 2017


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Artist Biography

Pleasure Elite were formed in winter 1990 in Seattle, USA, around pseudonymous musicians V. Blast (vocals), Lord Hoop De’ Luv (guitar, vocals, sequencer), the Deacon (keyboards), Razor Monkey (drums) and Father Shark (guitar). Boasting a frenetic live show that won them early supports with KMFDM, Rage Against The Machine, Jesus Jones and Alien Sex Fiend, the band’s lyrical concerns included media manipulation, lust and corruption. They made their debut with Bad Juju in May 1994, an album that delighted in crossing sundry musical frontiers including industrial metal and more traditional rock structures. With production by Pearl Jam associate Don Gilmore, the collection was promoted with the release of a strong attendant single, ‘Media Feed’.


1 Media Feed
2 Jokes On You
3 In The Belly
4 Crawl
5 Honky Tonk Hell
6 Had It Comin'
7 Loveworld
8 Elements Of Steel
9 Walter
10 Box
11 Twist On This
12 Pinata Hunt
13 The Plague

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