20 October 2017

THE ZEROS Knockin' Me Dead 1994

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Right Now!
Often referred to as "the Mexican Ramones," the Zeros (guitarist and singer Javier Escovedo, second guitarist Robert Lopez, bassist Hector Peñalosa, and drummer Baba Chenelle) were just one of many contributors to the L.A. punk explosion in the late '70s. Although they never received the acclaim of such L.A. peers as Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, or X, the Zeros made admirers out of such renowned artists as Tom Waits, Patti Smith, and the Damned, played numerous West Coast shows with the likes of Dils, Avengers, X, Plugz, Nerves, and Wipers, and even gave the Germs their very first live gig -- opening for them in 1977. The group was first formed in 1976, and were initially known as "the Main Street Brats" -- but by the time of their first show, they had settled on the name the Zeros. Although the quartet broke up in 1981, the Zeros have re-formed sporadically for live shows (such as a 1991 benefit show for ailing punk rocker/writer Craig Lee, and a few years later, Bomp Records' 25th anniversary party), and a full album -- 1999's Right Now! In addition, several of the Zeros' compositions have been covered by other bands around the world, including Spain's La Secta ("Wild Weekend"), Australia's Hoodoo Gurus, Sweden's the Nomads ("Wimp"), and Hollywood's the Muffs ("Beat Your Heart Out").


1 Baby's Gotta Have Her Way
2 Wimp
3 Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
4 Stop-N-Think
5 Knockin' Me Dead
6 Beat Your Heart Out
7 Lay Off, She's Mine
8 She's So Wild
9 Left To Right
10 Wanna Go
11 Shannon Said
12 Looking For Some Fun
13 Roadrunner
14 I Don't Wanna
15 I Don't Know

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