01 October 2017

MOIST Silver 1994

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Moist was launched in Vancouver in late 1992; the alternative rock band played for the first time in January of the next year and recorded a self-titled cassette in February. Vocalist David Usher, guitarist Mark Makowy, keyboard player Kevin Young and bassist Jeff Pearce still needed a consistent drummer, though; they finally found Paul Wilcox, just in time for a date at Canada's Music West Conference in April 1993. After several regional tours, the band was signed by EMI April Music (Canada) in October and to Chrysalis (U.S.) in May 1994. Chrysalis reissued the band's self-released album, Silver, in August of that year. Creature appeared in 1996. After a four-year hiatus, the band released Mercedes Five and Dime in 2000.  


1 Push 3:50
2 Believe Me 3:53
3 Kill For You 3:35
4 Silver 4:15
5 Freaky Be Beautiful 3:59
6 Break Her Down 4:27
7 Into Everything 4:15
8 Picture Elvis 3:12
9 Machine Punch Through 4:26
10 This Shrieking Love 5:14
11.1 Low Low Low 3:15
11.2 (no audio) 4:00
11.3 Morphine 5:39

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