30 March 2018

ECHOLYN Suffocating the Bloom 1992


Artist Biography by

As the World
Echolyn's style has been termed updated progressive rock, due to the band's classically trained, highly professional members -- vocalist Ray Weston, guitarist/vocalist Brett Kull, keyboard player Chris Buzby, bassist Tom Hyatt and drummer Paul Ramsey. After honing their instrumental prowess and close harmony vocals on three independent releases, Echolyn was signed by Sony. The group recorded with Glenn Rosenstein and released As the World in March 1995. The band called it quits late that same year, and put out an album of unreleased demos and live recordings (including their last song recorded, "This Time Alone"), called When the Sweet Turns Sour, in 1996. After four years, the band regrouped without Hyatt; Weston took over the role of bass, and newcomer Jordan Perlson joined Ramsey on drums. The new Echolyn recorded Cowboy Poems Free (2000). 


1 21 5:49
2 Winterthru 3:45
3 Memoirs From Between 8:01
4 Reaping The Harvest 1:41
5 In Every Garden 4:39
6 A Little Nonsense 4:20
7 The Sentimental Chain 1:40
8 One Voice 5:20
9 Here I Am 5:21
10 Cactapus 2:51
11 Only Twelve 1:17
12 A Cautious Repose 4:55
13 Bearing Down 3:49
14 Cash Flow Shuffle 0:39
15 Mr. Oxy Moron 3:23
16 Twelve’s Enough 2:21
17 I Am The Tide 1:15
18 Cannoning In B Major 1:19
19 Picture Perfect 0:55
20 Those That Want To Buy 6:45
21 Suffocating The Bloom 4:03

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