06 March 2018


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Based in York, England, this indie group played a mixture of rock and folk. The founder members were Jo Swiss (vocals), Jon Townend (vocals/guitar), Dave Allen (drums), and Martin Appleby (bass), with the addition of various keyboard players. Initially named Malcolm’s Mother, their own Eggs Will Walk label issued an excellent 12-inch EP in 1986, on which they reworked the traditional ‘Cruel Mother’. When Appleby departed, the band recruited Dave Wall. Capturing the atmosphere of 80s urban bleakness, with Townend’s oblique, witty political comments, they recorded an album for Special Delivery, and two more noise-folk releases for the modernist label Cooking Vinyl Record s. After Lip, which was remixed against their wishes, they disbanded. Townend and Swiss retained the band’s name, and continued to search for a US label. 


1 Hollywood Or The Humber
2 You Win Some But You Lose More
3 True Colour
4 Too Many Flesh Suppers
5 Reynard
6 Ball Of Confusion
7 Defense Of The Wicked
8 Bare Floor Blues
9 Calgary Cross
10The Greed Creed

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