23 March 2018

LISP Cycles 1999


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A five-piece East London collective formed by Brad Rubinstein, Jonny Gordon, Jason Hall, Adam Rich, and former Disco Inferno bassist Paul Willmott, Lisp introduced their rock experimentalism on Mind Horizon in September of 1999 with the Flatspin single, but ended up gaining more notoriety for their second single, Long Way to Climb, which received airplay on the popular XFM station. Seemingly coming from nowhere, both singles were favorably compared to a number of completely unrelated bands. Their shows ranged from stripped down acoustic sets to the elaborate, including string sections and visuals. Cycles, their full-length debut, was released in 1999. 


1 Something Special 5:09
2 So Good 3:57
3 Flatspin 4:29
4 Distance Over Time 5:00
5 Stages 7:55
6 Longway To Climb 4:18
7 Let It Go 3:45
8 Cracks 4:52
9 Scissorpaper Stone 7:08

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