14 March 2018

THE BARDOTS Eye-Baby 1992


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Yet another victim in the misplaced hype of British music journalists, the Bardots formed in the East Anglia area of England in 1989. Simon Dunford (guitar/vocals), Andy Murphy (guitar), Steve Cox (bass), and Neil Cox (drums) had begun playing together in university and in 1990 released their debut single, Sofaelaine, a flexi-disc release. After their first more "official" single, Sad Anne, the band added a fifth member (Krzysztof Fijalkowski on guitar) and got a deal with Cheree Records. Their debut full-length, Eye Baby, got some underground support, and the British music press dubbed them a "next big thing." In 1994, with Murphy no longer with the band (replaced by Yves Altana), their long-awaited follow-up, V-Neck, appeared. The album failed to make an impact, and the group faded away. 


1 Pretty O 4:30
2 Chained-up 3:06
3 Cruelty Blonde 4:41
4 Sister Richard 3:37
5 Slow Asleep 6:05
6 Sunsetted 3:42
7 My Cute Thought 3:20
8 Obscenity Thing 4:51
9 Gloriole 2:00
10 Caterina 3:25
11 Shallow 5:02

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