08 March 2018

COSMIC PSYCHOS Blokes You Can Trust 1991

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Artist Biography by

One of the most notorious Australian pub rock bands, the Cosmic Psychos officially began their journey together in 1985. Living by the rule of thumb that you should drink before you play a show because your friends might drink all of the beer, the Psychos gained a reputation for not caring about money so much as the free alcohol, laughs, and overseas traveling involved with being in a rock band. Over the course of seven full-length albums, one best-of collection, one EP, 11 singles, and more than five compilation appearances, the group has sang with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, befriended Mudhoney, and supplied beer to Silverchair at Australia's Big Day Out festival. Bassist Ross Knight was playing in a high school punk band in the late '70s, called Rancid Spam, in Victoria, Australia, located two hours north of Melbourne. In the meantime, guitarist Peter Jones and drummer Bill Walsh were performing together in the Melbourne group Spring Plains with a bassist and vocalist. After the bass player left in 1982, Walsh and Jones asked their friend Knight for his assistance. Knight and the singer from Rancid Spam had relocated to Melbourne in the early '80s. When they arrived in the city, Walsh was one of the first people who Rancid Spam's singer met at university. The singer introduced Knight to Walsh, and they became fast friends. Knight agreed to join Spring Plains on bass and by 1985, the threesome handed the original singer his walking papers. After deciding that Knight would take over vocal duties, the group changed its name to the Cosmic Psychos. 


1 Back At School
2 Dead Roo
3 I'm Up Your Out
4 Loser
5 Nightshift
6 Hooray Fuck
7 Do It To Me
8 Never Grow Old
9 What
10 Elle

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