16 July 2021

BIG DRILL CAR Batch 1991




Melodic hardcore band founded in 1987 - released 3 albums.
Discontinued in 1995.

[1987] Big Drill Car was formed by Frank Daly (vocals), Mark Arnold (guitar), Bob Thomson (bass), and Danny Marcroft (drums).
[1988-1991] Big Drill Car signs a deal with Greg Ginn's Cruz Records, then releases Small Block, a six-song EP, and their two full-lengths, Album Type Thing and Batch.
[1992-1994] Thomson and Marcroft quit Big Drill Car. The duo were replaced by Darrin Morris on bass and Keith Fallis on drums. Big Drill Car releases Toured, a live recording, and their final album No Worse For The Wear.
[1995] Big Drill Car breaks up. Daly and Arnold later resurface in All Systems Go.
[2008] The band reforms with the original lineup. 


1 Take Away 2:38
2 Restless Habs 2:51
3 If It's Poison 2:59
4 Freep 3:30
5 Never Ending Endeavor 2:48
6 In A Hole 2:23
7 Crust 1:51
8 Freedom Of Choice 2:35
9 Ick 2:37
10 Faster 5:26

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