18 July 2021

CRASHLAND Crashland! 1990


by request



Info about Crashland!...

Lyn Gordon (vocal, guitar) Ash Wednesday (sampler) Ray Moore (drums) Phil Sutherland (bass)

Crashland! began life as a twisted covers-band, intentionally playing songs from vague memories, rather than listening back to these tunes and then bothering to work them out. The plan was to breathe new life into old standards.



1 My Favourite Things
2 On T.V.
3 Boom Boom
4 Elvis Working
5 Back To Nature
6 Crashland
7 Plastic Jesus
8 The Galvanized Garden Of Inner Peace
9 Rock N Roll
10 Radio Scream
11 From A Buick 6
12 Cherry Bomb
13 Mad Man Blues


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