04 July 2021

UNIVERSAL HONEY Earth Moon Transit 1996

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Artist Biography by Gina Boldman

Magic Basement Universal Honey was comprised of Leslie Stanwyck (guitar, vocals), Simon Craig (guitar), Johnny Sinclair (bass), and Tim Timleck (drums). Honey began in the fall of 1992 after Stanwyck and Sinclair left the Pursuit of Happiness in 1990. Magic Basement, Honey's full-length debut, was released in 1993; Earth Moon Transit followed in 1997. The group gained exposure from MTV2, but overall the record did not provide the breakout the bandmembers would have liked. A self-titled release for Oasis Records arrived in 1999, and soon much of their music was appearing on TV shows like Dawson's Creek and Grosse Pointe. A fourth album, Fearless, came out in 2001 and much of the music from the documentary Searching for Debra Winger came from the record. The following fall, Invincible marked their fifth album. In 2003, Sinclair and Stanwyck wrote 12 original holiday tunes for the Universal Honey album Can't Stop Thinking About Christmas. Vicious Circles quickly followed in early 2004. 


1 Moon Moon
2 Any Road Back
3 She Loves You
4 Nightmare
5 Starving Artists
6 Going Nowhere
7 Pacific Atlantic
8 Make My Mind
9 Dinosaur
10 All That I've Got
11 Surprise, Surprise
12 Bullet From A Gun
13 Let It Fade



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