05 July 2021

THE AUTOCOLLANTS Why Couldn't Things Just Stay The Same? 1999




Artist Biography by Mike DaRonco

Upon the 1996 release of their first EP, Casa, the New York quartet known as the Autocollants brought on their styling of gentle indie pop. With the lineup consisting of Dwayne (guitar), Tim (guitar), Laura (lead vocals/bass), and Ed (drums), their appeal of Stereolab, Lush, and a trademark of breezy, relaxed appear continued the following year as Drive-In Records packaged the bands second EP Tennis Racket. However, by 1997 The Autocollants called it quits amidst personal and creative differences. Laura relocated to Northern California in 1999 and moved on to form Casino Ashtray, Cartwheel -- with former Autocollant Dwayne- as well as releasing a solo EP. Shelflife Records eventually gathered and released The Autocollants discography on the 1999 compilation Why Couldn't Things Just Stay The Same. 



1 We Can't Have It All
2 Nothing At All
3 Casa
4 Polyensemble
5 Another Thursday
6 Beyond The Reef
7 Tennis Racket
8 Candy Coated Kisses
9 Four And A Half
10 The Simple Things
11 Apple Vines
12 High School Summer
13 Trio



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