24 July 2021

JENNY MAE There's A Bar Around The Corner... Assholes 1995


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Artist Biography by Heather Phares

Ohio-born and -based singer/guitarist/keyboardist Jenny Mae started her musical career as a trumpet player in her high school and college marching bands, and branched out to playing rock in bands like Hot Rod and the Rahvers during her studies at Ohio State University.

Her last band, Vibralux, was also the most popular, gaining attention for its sweet but gritty sound and Jenny Mae's breathy vocals. The band released a few acclaimed singles but split before a full-length work could be recorded; rather than waste the songs she wrote, Jenny Mae switched to a solo career.

After a split single with fellow Ohioans Guided By Voices, Jenny Mae released her debut album, There's a Bar Around the Corner...Assholes. The album featured a supporting band of friends from Ohio -- bands like Gaunt, Moviola, and the New Bomb Turks, and expanded on the solid pop ground she covered with Vibralux while exploring country, jazz, and electronic styles. Jenny Mae continued developing her sound on the 1998 follow-up Don't Wait Up for Me.



1 Interview
2 Revolution Thing
3 Runaway
4 Christmas Song
5 Radar's Hand
6 Jesus
7 Leprechaun
8 One We Kiss
9 Robin
10 Thoughts Go Away
11 Sailing Away
12 Junk
13 Country Song
14 Cameltoe
15 Surfer Boy
16 Don't Explain
17 Red Chair
18 Runaway (cykoaeroplexmix)


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