31 July 2021

BOMB POPS Recommended For Diversion Seekers 1999




Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny

Minneapolis-based indie-pop trio the Bomb Pops formed in the autumn of 1992, comprising singer/guitarist Rick Durgin, bassist Andrea Trollin and drummer Bryan Hanna. The band's existence was brief, and with just a handful of singles and compilation tracks (later collected on Bus Stop as Recommended for Diversion Seekers) to their credit, the Bomb Pops disbanded in the spring of 1994; Durgin and Hanna later reunited in the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, while Troolin went on to found the fine indie label Grimsey.



1 Hayley
2 Girl Daredevil
3 Moving Day Song
4 Cheery
5 Theme Guy
6 Decal
7 Love Me Nots
8 Paler
9 Riverside
10 Plastic Toy Gun
11 Won't Find It
12 Theme Guy Remix
13 Goodnight, Now
14 Girl Daredevil (Reprise)


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