16 July 2021

BLOOMSDAY Fortuny 1990


by request

(Warning for the bit rate sensitive folks: this is at 96kbps.)




The group I am going to write about in this article, were a short lived project, between members of two of Scotland’s finest bands. Bloomsday were formed by Chris Thomson of The Bathers and two former members of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Stephen Irvine and Neil Clark. (Read more at DereksMusicBlog)


1 Strange Honey 3:06
2 Black River 4:01
3 Forever Through Traps And Lies 4:41
4 Torn 3:37
5 Universal Thirst 6:47
6 North Country Girl 4:41
7 Lemon Beach 4:15
8 I Cheated Myself (For Someone Like You) 3:53
9 Serene 3:32
10 63 Cinnamon Crescent 5:13

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