15 July 2021

KITTY CRAFT Beats And Breaks From The Flower Patch 1998




Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny

Kitty Craft was the alias of Minneapolis-based indie-popster-turned-DJ Pamela Valfer. Debuting in 1994 with a self-titled cassette on the legendary Australian label Toytown, early releases (like the subsequent Above Average EP) were low-tech affairs recorded to four track, but with 1997's I Got Rules, Valfer began expanding her sound, recording to eight track and employing keyboards and samplers. Her fascination with loops and samples culminated with the 1999 Kindercore full-length Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch. Kitty Craft followed a year later.



1 Par 5
2 Inward Jam
3 One Fortune Smile
4 Alright
5 Half Court Press
6 Mama's Lamp (American Mix)
7 Locked Groove
8 Down For
9 Shine On
10 All To You
11 Caught High

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