31 July 2021

THE FAIRLANES Songs For Cruising 1997




Artist Biography by Mario Mesquita Borges

Bringing together the strength of punk rock with melody and rhythmic power, the Fairlanes offer their particular vision for the alternative rock scenario. Assembling in the mid-'90s, with a lineup consisting of Jason (vocals), Andy (drums), Robbie (guitar), and Scott (bass), the Fairlanes give away an intense and energy-driven sound path. In 1996, the band issued its first record, a four-song 7" disc, simply titled Hi, We're the Fairlanes. One year later, the group's first full-length recording for Suburban Home Records hit the record stores. Songs for Cruising captured all of the group's force and impressive punk rock power. Following two years of hard work on the road and in the studio, the team presented its second major recording, the EP Bite Your Tongue. In 2001, and again via the Suburban Home Records label, the Fairlanes delivered Welcome to Nowhere, their second album. A few months later, still in 2001, yet another record hit the record stores, the split EP The Fairlanes/Stinking Polecats, issued by an Italian label. The Monumento, a five-song EP, arrived in 2002.



1 Vocal Magic 0:04
2 Back Of My Mind 2:45
3 Hermit Girl 1:52
4 Catch 22 2:55
5 Screwing Yourself 1:24
6 Stupid 2:36
7 D.P.D. 1:54
8 Goodbye 3:41
9 Ripoff Girl 3:48
10 Be Your Man 1:46
11 I'm Not Changing 1:59
12 She Let Me Go 1:55
13 Vomit 2:44
14 Scott's Song 2:16
15.1 Friday Night 2:17
15.2 Kiss Me Deadly


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