28 July 2021

LYRES Happy Now 1993




Artist Biography by Mark Deming

On Fyre One of New England's underground rock institutions, Lyres were hot-wiring the sound of '60s garage rock long before it was fashionable, and their lean but energetic formula stayed very much the same through numerous lineup changes for over more than four decades. Lyres were the creation of vocalist, keyboard player, songwriter, and uncontested leader Jeff Conolly, also known as Monoman, who devised their organ-led sound and fronted countless sweat-soaked shows, making a glorious ruckus as he pounded his keyboard, sang like a soulful lunatic, and shook his tambourine when things seemed to be getting remotely static. Formed in 1979 shortly after the demise of Conolly's like-minded group DMZ, Lyres quickly became mainstays on the Boston rock scene and were one of the key bands on the garage rock revival scene of the '80s on the strength of the albums On Fyre (1984) and Lyres Lyres (1986). Like many of their peers in the garage revival community, Lyres became less visible nationwide in the '90s, but they maintained a strong following in their native Massachusetts and continued to record and perform into the 2010s. 


1 Baby (I Still Need Your Lovin) 3:15
2 But If You're Happy 2:35
3 Never Be Free 2:07
4 I'll Make It Up To You 2:32
5 Pain 4:10
6 Now I've Got A Witness 3:33
7 Nobody But Me 3:12
8 Stoned 2:59
9 I Ain't Going Nowhere 3:28
10 100 cc's (Bootleg Version) 2:17
11 Take A Look At Me 2:55
12 I Can Tell 2:54



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