04 July 2021

BUZZ ZEEMER Delusions of Grandeur 1998




Artist Biography by Erik Hage

Buzz Zeemer is a power pop band from Philadelphia that is led by vocalist Frank Brown -- a longtime fixture on the Philly music scene -- and the often jangly tones of guitarist Tom Conwell. The group released the album Delusions of Grandeur in 1999. The effort swung from sophisticated, Burt Bacharach-edged pop ("Mystery") to punchy, jangly power pop ("Red Balloon). It also included a euphoric, rousing cover of Allen Toussaint's ("There Should Be a Book"). The key to Buzz Zeemer's appeal is the overtly tuneful, hook-ridden songcraft of leader Frank Brown. And while the group has borne quite warranted comparisons to the muscular melodies of early Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, the overall sound is far from retro.



1 This Town 3:00
2 Useless Information 2:58
3 Mystery 3:34
4 Epitome 2:02
5 Red Balloon 2:41
6 I Don't Want To Fall 2:48
7 Different Roads 3:19
8 There Should Be A Book 2:17
9 Irrational 3:08
10 I Get This Feeling 3:44
11 Giving It All 3:25
12 How 3:20

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