25 July 2021

DOOM Where Your Life Lies!? 1999




If you can listen to this entire 7 song album, I congratulate you. This CD goes for about $80 on Discogs. There is also a crust punk band called Doom from the UK whose drummer was the drummer for Napalm Death.

Japanese "psycho metallic fusion" group formed in 1984. Active until 2000. Reformed in 2014.

The band introducing their signature sound, influenced by genres like progressive music, thrash metal, avant-garde, hardcore, blues, jazz fusion, and gaining a reputation for extremely unique originality, bolstered by the strong impact of their striking white face-paint.


1 No Mean 3:49
2 Not Feel 4:43
3 It's Wrong 5:28
4 Wish 3:20
5 What They Have Done!? 4:59
6 Tell Me Where Your Life Lies 5:11
7 To Follow Me 8:34

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