12 July 2021

DOLLSHEAD Frozen Charlotte 1998




Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny

The electronic pop duo DollsHead is comprised of California-born vocalist Sierra Swan and Scottish bassist Graham Edwards, who in 1997 began collaborating in the wake of an impromptu jam session at a Los Angeles studio. Drawing on a variety of sounds ranging from alternative rock to electronica, DollsHead bowed later that year with the track "It's Over, It's Under," which appeared on the soundtrack to the film The Jackal. Their full-length debut LP, Frozen Charlotte, followed in 1998, but the group nevertheless disbanded before the turn of the century. Sierra Swan continued onward as a solo artist and released Ladyland in 2006, while Edwards pursued behind-the-scenes work as part of the Matrix, one of the most popular production/songwriting teams in contemporary pop.


1 It's Over, It's Under 4:24
2 Letting Me Die 4:07
3 New Creation 4:20
4 Perfect Day 4:15
5 No Karma, No Candy 3:59
6 Idiots Convention 4:22
7 Touch The Moon 4:41
8 Deep 4:11
9 Freedom, Love Minus 10 4:13
10 Hole In The World 3:31
11 Pop Psychosis 4:09
12a Perishable 4:37
12b (silence) 0:30
12c Little Girl 3:00


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