02 August 2021

BABY LEMONADE 68% Pure Imagination 1996




Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny

The neo-psychedelic quartet Baby Lemonade formed in Los Angeles, and debuted in 1994 with the six-song Wonderful EP, released on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label. Following the record's release, the band -- comprised of singer/guitarist Rusty Squeezebox, guitarist Mike Randle, bassist Dave Chapple and drummer David "Daddy-O" Green -- accepted an invitation to tour with Arthur Lee in a reunited version of his legendary band Love; a flurry of major label interest followed, but in the end Baby Lemonade remained with Sympathy, for whom they recorded 1996's full-length 68% Pure Imagination. Exploring Music, their first record for the Big Deal label, followed two years later and High Life Suite was released in mid-2000.



1 Tailor In The Making
2 Oblivion Neutron Bomb
3 Luminosity
4 Backofavan
5 The Medicine
6 Brooke And The Sandman
7 Shake The Shelter
8 Pop Tarte
9 Heads Or Tails
10 Santanaclaus
11 You Set The Scene
12 The Last Song
13 Open Up


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