02 August 2021

HURRICANE #1 Hurricane #1 1997




Artist Biography by Kenyon Hopkin

Unlike the effects-laden dream pop of his previous band, Ride, guitarist Andy Bell fleshed out the '70s-inspired rock he began to pursue in his former band with Hurricane #1. Along with vocalist/guitarist and former boxer Alex Lowe, bassist Will Pepper, and drummer Gareth Farmer, the group released its debut, Hurricane #1, on Alan McGee's Creation Records in 1997. "Step into My World," a single from the album, was featured in a commercial for Volkswagen. However, the release of Only the Strongest Will Survive in April 1999 marked the end of the band as Bell quit and joined Oasis as their new bassist.

Find What You Love and Let It Kill You Following Hurricane #1's demise, Lowe embarked on a solo career, releasing several independently produced albums. Also a painter, he simultaneously built a name as an abstract impressionist artist. Diagnosed with cancer in 2013, Lowe successfully underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A year later, thanks in part to McGee's encouragement, Lowe re-formed Hurricane #1 without Bell. In 2015, after a 16-year absence, Hurricane #1 released their third full-length album, Find What You Love and Let It Kill You.



1 Just Another Illusion 5:40
2 Faces In A Dream 4:44
3 Step Into My World 5:01
4 Mother Superior 5:11
5 Let Go Of The Dream 2:38
6 Chain Reaction 3:41
7 Lucky Man 5:15
8 Strange Meeting 4:06
9 Monday Afternoon 3:03
10 Stand In Line 8:28
11 Touchdown 4:47
12 Smoke Rings 8:32


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