02 August 2021

BLUE RODEO Nowhere To Here 1995





Artist Biography by Steve Huey

Canada's most popular roots-rock band, Blue Rodeo has developed into a veritable institution in their home country. Their sound, a basic blend of country, folk, and rock, also has a definite pop appeal that underlines their devotion to later-period Beatles, in addition to expected touchstones like Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, and the Band. Consistency has been the hallmark of Blue Rodeo's output, both in terms of sound (which followed much the same blueprint throughout their career) and quality (thanks to the songwriting team of vocalists/guitarists Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor). That, in turn, has allowed the band considerable longevity, and they earned a whole new audience with the advent of the No Depression movement.

Blue Rodeo was founded in Toronto by its two lead singers, guitarists, and songwriters, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor. The two met in high school and had been playing together since 1977, when they started a punk-influenced band called the Hi-Fi's. In 1981, they moved to New York in search of a record deal, and reorganized the band under a new name, Fly to France. Three years of hunting proved fruitless, and the group switched styles several times before Cuddy and Keelor returned to Toronto in 1984. The following year, they assembled a new band with the idea of returning to organic, guitar-based music in an era dominated by synth pop. Christened Blue Rodeo, the initial lineup also featured drummer Cleave Anderson, bassist Bazil Donovan, and keyboardist Bob Wiseman



1 Save Myself 6:00
2 Girl In Green 6:20
3 What You Want 4:14
4 Side Of The Road 6:20
5 Better Off As We Are 3:27
6 Sky 5:59
7 Brown-Eyed Dog 4:47
8 Blew It Again 5:37
9 Get Through To You 4:08
10 Armour 4:01
11 Train 3:45
12 Flaming Bed 8:04


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