04 August 2021

INDIAN BINGO Overwrought 1993




AllMusic Review by Jack Rabid

San Francisco quintet Indian Bingo, better known from the Independent Projects label, have now found a home on Rockville. Their two-guitar approach on the opening "Ramos," however, is more akin to Sub Pop's signings than the ethereal, majestic floats and timeless pop IPR is known for. What the....? Fortunately, with the second track, "Ice Cooler," they are returned to fields more playful and pretty, giving them space to explore. Whew, that was a close one! Thereafter, they stroke their instruments, delivering a still-hard, driven, heavy-guitar sound to undercut Mike Boul's crooned vocals. Not terribly exceptional (the songs aren't that memorable), but it has merits (especially the acoustic guitar bits).



1 Ramos 4:06
2 Ice Cooler 3:17
3 My Leg's Numb 3:31
4 I Hate Your Guts 4:33
5 Worm 5:22
6 Father Thinks The World Of Me 3:32
7 Sexy 3:45
8 Porcelain 4:00
9 Treatment 8:18

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