23 March 2018

THE VON ZIPPERS Bad Generation 1998

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Wow Em Down at Franzl's
With their garage punk antics of organ soaked drunk rock, The Von Zippers accompany an additional trademark of sporting World War One uniforms from Germany. On top of their Brit-punk influence of The Damned and The Anti-Nowhere League, The Von Zippers debuted this sound outside of their native Calgary with their first mini-album Wow Em Down at Franzl's in 1997. Their follow-up full-length Bad Generation was released two years later, courtesy of Estrus Records; Blitzhacker followed in mid-2000. The VZ's returned to Estrus in July of 2003 with The Crime is Now!, their third full-length.


1 Kill That Guy
2 It Blows
3 Jeff Gillooly's Balls
4 Plastic Bag
5 Twist And Turn
6 Bad Generation
7 Titanic Heart
8 Spit And Polish
9 Automatic
10 Sick On You
11 Flintstone Shrink
12 Twist Off
13 Skip To My Mary J

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